Friday 14 June 2024

Mist netting 3/6/24

This session took place in the willows and along the Stafford Brook quite close to the Discovery Hut. A total of 28 birds were caught comprising 10 species. The highlight, and the first bird to be processed, was this reed warbler which had been ringed in France. It was a female and had a well developed brood patch which suggests that she may be breeding nearby. 

French ringed Reed Warbler

The bird was ringed on 3/6/2020 in Noyant, Soulaire-et-Bourg, Maine-et-Loire, France, and was  at least a year old at the time.  The bird is therefore at least 5 years old, and although the maximin known age of a Reed Warbler is 12 years & 11 months, as the typical lifespan is only 2 years, it's doing OK. It's 397km from where the bird was ringed to where it was re-trapped, and it may have done that journey every year to breed. 

Location of ringing & re-trapping.

Robin Pearson