Wednesday 22 May 2013

Good catch near Crop Field again!

Despite the jaunt across rough ground to carry poles, nets, etc the reed bed and adjoining hedgerows close to the Crop Field rarely let down those who have the energy and enthusiasm to catch some interesting birds. Yesterday, 21st May was no exception, with 25 of the total birds caught during the morning were close to the Crop Field. An area rarely visited by the public thereby being relatively quiet.

The morning's total catch was 35 birds as follows: Song Thrush 1; Reed Warbler 10; Blue Tit 1; Dunnock 3; House Sparrow 3; Greenfinch 3; Blackbird 8; Great tit 1; Swallow 1; Wren 2; Reed Bunting 1; and Robin 1.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Weekend session

Our first two day session for the year started on the afternoon of Friday 10th May, with the erection of nets and finished on Saturday evening after processing thirty birds. Not so many as one would have liked, but despite the showers and windy conditions a reasonable number nevertheless. The tally was: Song Thrush 1; Blue Tit 2; Greenfinch 5; Reed Warbler 3; Chaffinch 1; Sedge Warbler 1; Wren 2; Dunnock 3; Goldfinch 2; Blackbird 7; Great Tit 2; and Reed Bunting 1.

Of the total of Blackbirds four were pulli in a nest close to the Reserves, but still in the area of the Group's operations. A nice surprise was the single Sedge Warbler which was a control ringed in Spain bearing a ring engraved Arazadi San Sebastien.

The Saturday morning started with people on a dawn chorus, led by Steve Waite, visited the Field Studies base at the end of their walk. Even during the day other members of the public were given the opportunity to watch birds being ringed. It was not just adults that were fascinated by seeing birds in the hand, but also were the children.

These two children are certainly enjoying the opportunity to release a Reed Bunting