Wednesday 31 July 2019

Colyford Common

Today the Group decided for the first time this year to erect a few nets at Colyford Common which is somewhat exposed to windy conditions, so a short session took place. Fourteen birds were caught of six species the Whitethroat being the highlight of the morning. Six juvenile Reed Warblers were included in the total with one Blackcap.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Natural Seaton Festival

For several years now the Natural Seaton Festival has taken place. The Group have been fortunate to set its display at this Festival last Saturday outlining why we ring birds and displaying maps showing where the birds we ringed have migrated to and of their return. This was specific in relation to colour ringing wildfowl and waders.  

Fortunately the weather was good and we had many enquiries about the Group and questions of our conservation work. This year we were able to show two large cabinets of bird skulls collected by our Leader over more than fifty years. These certainly drew the attention of both children and adults.

To take part in these festivals and shows enables us to explain our work  and why bird ringing is an important conservation tool.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Good numbers this time

The catch this morning included 88 birds of 17 species. Good numbers of Blackcaps and Reed Warblers as well as the usual species, including nine Dunnocks, eight Blue Tits and eight Goldfinches. As expected the majority were juveniles.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Quieter times

Last Saturday's session was quieter than normal with 24 birds of 13 species. Nevertheless wide range of species for a small number caught. Two Treecreepers caught was a interesting catch for a marshy site, but one never knows what may be about. A young Kingfisher was caught, which became a nice surprise for two visitors to the Wetlands from North America.


Photograph Fran Knowles

Monday 1 July 2019

Axe Vale Wildlife Day

Last Sunday the Axe Vale Wildlife Day took place at Seaton Wetlands and the Group were invited by the Chairman of the Axe Vale and District Conservation Soviety's Chairman, Doug Rudge, to participate in the Reed Base. We were invited last year, but only used our display boards. This year we tried to attract the attention of the public by, not just upgrading the display boards, but with two display cabinets of bird skulls . A nature table was also prepared. These certainly drew the attention, not only of the children, but adults as well.

Display boards

Private bird skull collection

The nature table

Photographs Mike Tyler