Wednesday 26 December 2018

Last sessions for 2018

The Group had two sessions on 16th and 17th December concluding the year's work on the Axe Estuary. The first session was programmed to catch duck with the use of cannon nets and 23 duck were caught comprising of 20 Shelduck and three Teal. Some of the Shelduck were ringed from earlier sessions several years before. They are fairly long lived and site loyal to the Axe Estuary.

The following day the last mist netting session took place and grand total of 54 birds were caught and processed. A good number for the time of the year. Mainly general species, but a Grey Wagtail and three Cetti's Warblers were a nice surprise. Other species included: Blue Tit 15; Great Tit 4; Blackbird 4; Wren 2; Chaffinch 4; Song Thrush 2; Robin 5; Dunnock 5; Goldfinch 3; and Reed Bunting 6.

We start again in earnest on 12th January hopefully with a duck catch.

Adult male Shelduck

Pair of adult Teal

First year Grey Wagtail

Different pose of the same Grey Wagtail

Photographs by Mark Wills and Mike Tyler