Wednesday 27 January 2016


Please note that the duck catching session programmed for this Saturday is cancelled due to too few duck.

Sorry if you hoped to join us.


Saturday 9 January 2016

First catch of 2016

The session was nearly cancelled, but with a dry spell this morning allowed us to our first catch of the year. The cannon net was set yesterday afternoon with a chance we may be lucky. The team was ready, but all relied on the weather. We were lucky, but only a few duck put in an appearance, but were duly caught. These comprised of three Mallard and seventeen Shelduck. We also caught a juvenile Mute Swan and three Pheasants who decided to join the ducks. The Pheasant were released! As soon after processing the birds the heavens opened again and a deluge took place. A lucky chance it was, which showed on the faces of the team. (See photograph).

The happy team (Photo (c) Mike Tyler)