Sunday 18 May 2014

A fluffy bundle!

The Group recently ringed two Tawny owlets and this one decided after it had fledged to pose for the camera.

Just fledged Tawny Owl (Photo Doug Rudge)

Saturday 17 May 2014

Good weather and good birds!

Last weekend the weather did not allow netting to take place due to heavy showers and high winds. To compensate it was decided to have a session today and we were blessed with good dry weather and little wind. The conditions were ideal.

The Group caught 36 birds which is considered a good catch in an areas where we are restricted. In addition 7 Great Tits and 10 Blue Tits nestlings were also ringed so the our summer season is now well under way. Interesting there were two Blackcap retraps of a male and female with consecutive ring numbers originally caught in the same net on two separate sessions in April and May 2012. The question is, have they been a pair for at least three years?