Thursday 28 June 2012

Colyford Common - 26/6/12

Today was the first session for a while at the top end of Colyford Common, in the reedbed and the crop field. It was a bit of a job transporting the kit up to the north end as there was no vehicle available for this session.

Ringing at the north end of Colyford Common - June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

Weather; somewhat misty in the valley which cleared to give low cloud. This combined with little wind meant for pretty ideal mist netting conditions.

Without the luxury of the Field Studies Centre, it was back to basics for the team - no tables or chairs!

On the grass - Colyford Common June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

The long slog was certainly worthwhile, with 76 birds of 14 species caught, and only 10 retraps:

4 Blue Tit (1 retrap)
4 Blackcap
3 Sedge Warbler
14 Reed Warbler (3 retraps)
2 Wren (1 retrap)
6 Blackbird (1 retrap)
4 Song Thrush (2 retrap)
1 Robin
2 Dunnock (1 retrap)
11 House Sparrow
19 Greenfinch (1 retrap)
4 Goldfinch
1 Linnet
1 Reed Bunting

Several of these birds were (as expected) 3J's.

3J Reed Bunting - Colyford Common June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

Of the adults caught, this Linnet was surely the smartest.

Male Linnet - Colyford Common June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

But this Blue Tit was arguably the most interesting (from a ringer's perspective!) showing a feathering over brood patch and in active wing moult.

Blue Tit - Colyford Common June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

The team were unlucky to not catch a Sparrowhawk; a big female was in the net but escaped when the (would have been!) extractor was just a few paces away. You'll have to wear your running shoes next time Mike.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Shelduck KC; from Seaton to Seaton

Shelduck KC was ringed as a second year (aged 5) female on 29/1/12 at Seaton Marshes (click HERE for that ringing session's blog post). When it was ringed, little did we know it would give us one of our best Shelduck recoveries to date.

Shelduck KC - Stafford Marsh Jan '12 (c) Mike Tyler

On 18/6/12, Toby Collett the Assistant Warden at RSPB Saltholme, Cleveland, reported Shelduck KC on the Tees Marshes near Seaton Carew. That's a distance between ringing and re-sighting of approx 450km. Zoom out the map below to see a line drawn between the two sites.

View Shelduck KC in a larger map

Many thanks to Toby for taking the time to contact the group with this excellent re-sighting.

Monday 18 June 2012

Colyford Common and Stafford Marsh - 12/6/12

Another ringing session based at the Fields Study Centre on Stafford Marsh. This location is ideal for interacting with the public.

The session leader showing how it's done - Stafford Marsh June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

32 birds of 10 birds were caught and processed;

2 Blue Tit
10 Great Tit (3 retraps)
2 Chiffchaff
3 Blackcap
1 Sedge Warbler
6 Wren (1 retrap)
2 Blackbird (retraps)
4 Robin
1 Dunnock (retrap)
1 Goldfinch

As expected for a ringing session at this time of year, several of the bird caught were aged 3J (recently fledged young). To be precise, 67% of the bird caught in this session were 3J's.

Wren, Blue Tit and Great Tit (all aged 3J) - Stafford Marsh June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley

There were plenty of other young birds visible in the vicinity too...

Mallard and Shelduck families - Black Hole Marsh June '12 (c) Adrian Bayley