Monday 15 December 2014

Christmas Bonus!

The Group held sessions on both last Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday mist netting session was programmed, but the cannon netting session the following morning was the first this winter, due to sheep grazing in November on the catching site. Once these woolly jumpers had been removed a start on our winter sessions of catching duck commenced in earnest.

Of the 135 birds caught over the weekend 75 presented us with a nice surprise on the Saturday, which included a Water Rail, two Cetti's Warblers, five Redwings, a Kingfisher and a Meadow Pipit. The Sunday also brought good results with 60 duck, including 28 Teal, 19 Shelduck and 13 Mallard. Not a bad weekend which certainly raised the spirits of both teams. A Christmas bonus!

One of the two Cetti's Warblers 

A fine looking Redwing

I am not trying to escape, just wondering when I get my ring

Male Teal in a duller winter plumage

Sunday's happy team

All photographs by Mike Tyler