Saturday 28 April 2018

More migrants arriving.

Despite the cold weather in March followed by warm weather this month migrants are now catching up with their movements. Today the Group had a reasonable catch of 33 birds of 11 species. Of these more than half were migrants including, eight Sedge Warblers, six Reed Warblers one Chiffchaff and three Blackcaps. Seeing and hearing them suggesting that summer is not far away.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Student visit

Today with the wet start was hardly an inducement to conduct a ringing session. It was agreed to start an hour later and we were lucky to enjoy the best weather for several days. This session was important to the Group as we were hosting students from the University Centre Reaseheath, Cheshire. The Ringing Group had been approached to enable them to have an "hands on" experience as part of their ecology and environmental modules.

We were really pleased they found the session informative and enjoyable. They had practicable experience in identification, ringing, and taking biometrics of 28 birds of ten species. The care that is needed to identify the sex of Reed Buntings during the winter and early spring was drawn to their attention. So a very pleasing moment for the Group which has now hosted two groups within nine days.

A happy student group

A pair of Reed Buntings caught together (male on the right)
Photographs Mike Tyler