Monday 20 June 2016

Kestrel nestlings

The Group were able to ring a brood of five Kestrels nesting in a special box erected by the East Devon District Council on the Wetlands. Photographs below show the results.

(c) Photos by John Richards and Lesley and Peter Clarke

Monday 6 June 2016

Migration and young birds

Since the last post the Group have been very active in catching nearly 300 birds of 24 species, including the ringing of 40 nestlings. These comprised of migrants passing through and remaining to breed on the Wetlands. The pleasure of catching and ringing young birds is always a delight in late spring and early summer. With an active programme for the rest of the summer we look forward to some interesting species visiting the Wetlands.
Some really nice copyright photographs appear below, where otherwise stated, kindly permitted for us for posting by Chels of Dark Fairy Photography ( We are more than grateful to her in allowing us to use her high resolution photographs.

An aggressive male Greenfinch

Who do you think you are looking at!

Sedge Warbler twins!

A nice Sedge Warbler

Blue Tit in early spring

A Chaffinch with the wow factor (Photo Mike Tyler)

The wing pattern of a Goldfinch (Photo Mike Tyler)