Monday, 27 February 2012

Colyford Common and Stafford Marsh - 25/2/12

This morning was a public demonstration session, part of the EDDC's Winter Bird Festival.

Throughout the morning a good number of onlookers watched the group process a small number of birds caught either through mist nets set on Stafford Marsh and Colyford Common, or the Abberton Traps on Colyford Common.

Weather: Dry but overcast, light west wind, very mild.

Only 4 new birds were ringed, but in total 18 birds of 8 species were processed;

4 Mallard (2 retraps)
4 Moorhen (all retraps)
2 Blackbird (retraps)
1 Dunnock (retrap)
1 Wren (retrap)
3 Blue Tit (2 retrap)
2 Long-tailed Tit (retraps)
1 Goldfinch

No pictures I'm afraid! Plenty more in the next post though I promise...