Thursday, 10 November 2011

Colyford Common and Stafford Marsh - 10/11/11

This mist netting session was planned to take place in and around the crop field, but due to the potential threat of rain the decision was made to operate around the Field Studies Base on Stafford Marsh, and around the southern end of Colyford Common.

A mist net set besides Stafford Brook - Colyford Common Nov '11 (c) Doug Rudge

Weather: nothing like the forecast! Dry and mild with some sunny spells, cloud cover varying 50 - 80%, still with gentle s w breeze from late morning, excellent visibility.

The conditions ironically turned out to be ideal for mist netting, with no wind and mostly overcast skies. The net by the bird feeders next to the Field Studies Base proved to be the most productive during this session, not a surprise at this time of year.

Trainees extracting birds under the watchful eye of the session leader - Stafford Marsh Nov '11 (c) Doug Rudge

33 birds of 9 species were processed;

3 Robin (all retraps)
2 Dunnock
1 Wren (retrap)
2 Goldcrest (1 retrap)
1 Great Tit
13 Blue Tit (6 retraps)
1 Chaffinch
5 Greenfinch (1 retrap, 1 control)
5 Goldfinch (2 retraps)

Goldcrest F - Stafford Marsh Nov '11 (c) Doug Rudge

The control Greenfinch was first ringed by 'the blogger', in his Seaton garden on 22/7/11. So it's moved 1.3 miles in 111 days - not the most adventurous passerine!