Saturday, 22 October 2011

Colyford Common - 22/10/11

Today saw the first session of the autumn in the crop field at the north end of Colyford Common.

Crop Field - Colyford Common Oct '11 (c) Steve Waite

Weather: Dry, cloud cover varying 30% - 70%, moderate to blustery s w wind, excellent visibility.

The strength of the wind made the mist nets look very obvious, which ensured few birds were caught - even the double shelf north ron didn't work!

The overhead wires also played a part in the lack of birds caught. The Linnets (100+) and Reed Buntings (25) feeding in the crop field often flew up vertically to perch on the wires - going nowhere near the nets!

Linnets - Colyford Common Oct '11 (c) Steve Waite

11 birds of 4 species were caught and ringed;

2 Song Thrush
1 White Wagtail
4 Dunnock
4 Reed Bunting

A photo of the White Wagtail will appear here soon, but for now I'm afraid you will have to make do with one of the four Reed Buntings...

Reed Bunting 3F - Colyford Common Oct '11 (c) Steve Waite

Unfortunately the Jack Snipe flushed whilst setting a net in the wet area behind the platform didn't return and get caught!

With the number of birds processed, as you can imagine the ringers and helpers present today were always kept busy...

Adrian enjoying the sun - Colyford Common Oct '11 (c) Steve Waite