Public Programme 2020

Date                        Activity  
Weds Feb 5th        Mist netting                                                                                           
Tues Mar 3rd         Mist netting                                                                              
Sat Apr 18th          Mist netting                            
Sat April 25th        Presentation & display Honiton Festival of Imagination at the Beehive       
Tues May 5th        Mist netting              
Mon Jun 15th        Mist netting             
Sun Jun 28th         Seaton Wildlife Day Seaton Wetlands                 
Tues Jul 14th         Mist netting             
Sat July 18th         Natural Seaton Festival Tesco Plaza & Thury Harcourt Place        
Mon Aug 10th      Mist netting                
Tues Sep 8th         Mist netting                                                                                             
Sat Oct 10th          Mist netting               
Tues Nov 3th         Mist netting

The public programme lists sessions that are open to the public from 9am until midday, demonstrating bird ringing and its role in conservation.  Activities in bold indicate when the group will be appearing with its display or visual presentation.
1. All sessions start at the Discovery Hut, unless stated otherwise.

2. Dates may change at short notice depending on weather conditions, availability of qualified ringers, so members are advised to check that the session is still proceeding.